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Alternative Treatment

Alternative Treatment

Drug abuse and addiction are complex problems that can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Even if someone is ready to accept help, the sheer number of treatment alternatives can make it difficult to find an appropriate treatment plan. From detox and intensive medication therapies through to group counseling and relapse prevention sessions, it’s important to educate yourself on all available treatment options before signing up for rehab. A number of alternative treatment programs have become available throughout Iowa in recent years, including art therapy, music therapy, general spirituality, mediation and restorative yoga. If you need to access alternative treatment in Iowa, it’s important to speak to a specialized treatment center as soon as possible.

What is Conventional Rehab?

The drug treatment process can be split up into three separate yet integrated fields: detox, rehab and aftercare. Detox is concerned primarily with drug discontinuation, with medications often used to aid this process. Rehab is concerned with treating the environmental and emotional precedents of drug addiction, with long-term medication treatment also regularly included. Aftercare programs attempt to promote sustainable and long-term recovery through the administration of relapse prevention techniques and support networks. For the most part, conventional drug treatment is based around pharmacotherapy or behavioral therapy measures.

What is Alternative Rehab?

Alternative drug treatment programs attempt to treat the issue of drug and alcohol dependence in new and innovative ways. While alternative programs are often based on the same cognitive, motivational, and behavioral principles used in conventional systems, they often apply these principles in a very different way. For example, art therapy attempts to change compulsive and unhealthy behavior through the creation of art, with meditation programs helping patients to avoid relapse by becoming more mindful of their thoughts and feelings. Generally speaking, alternative drug treatment programs include new methods of treatment that have not been available for a long time.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is widely available in the state of Iowa through commercial drug treatment centers and nonprofit groups. This form of therapy has its roots in art and psychotherapy, including the psychoanalytic approach. There are two different forms of art therapy applied during treatment programs, with one approach involving the creation of art as a therapeutic act and the other approach analyzing art as a function of exchange between therapists and patients. Art therapy borrows ideas from a number of other treatment methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational therapy, gestalt therapy, narrative therapy, family therapy and many more. Art-based programs are increasingly available in Iowa and across the United States.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation programs are widely used to treat drug and alcohol addiction. These programs are based in part on the principles of relapse prevention, with patients taught how to recognize triggers in order to avoid high risk situations. While mindfulness has its roots in meditation practices and eastern religions, it is simply the art of paying attention to the sensations, feelings, and thoughts that surround everyday life. By learning to be mindful of their thoughts and feelings as they arise, recovering drug addicts can learn how to avoid unhealthy and compulsive behavioral responses. Learning how to meditate is one of the best ways to implement mindfulness in everyday life, with some rehab centers in Iowa offering this powerful method of drug treatment. If you or anyone you know needs to access drug treatment, it’s important to contact a dedicated rehab center as soon as possible.